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The Argent Consulting Group (Argent) has over a decade of experience in providing services to optimize workforce performance. The firm has been committed to meeting the needs of privately owned businesses and management-controlled public companies around the world ?companies with revenues ranging from $5 million to $10 billion or more.

We help our clients define and accomplish their goals. Our expertise on a broad range of business matters goes far beyond operations improvements. We are uniquely positioned to meet our clients?needs beyond America’s borders. Our partners and network provides outstanding support for U.S. companies with global business interests and operations.

The Argent Consulting Group’s preeminence in serving the performance improvement industry derives from our hands-on, service-oriented business philosophy. "Complete Client Satisfaction" is more than just our motto. It is an operating practice that our associates and partners have taken to heart.

A leader in performance improvement services, integrating people, process and technology. These three elements are crucial in every successful organizations and have a direct impact on these organizations?ability to achieve their performance improvement and cost management objectives.

People - Argent is well known for enhancing the performance and productivity of its clients?human resources, targeting distribution centers, clerical and administrative environments, field service operations (healthcare, product service and equipment maintenance/installation), delivery operations (home delivery, foodservice, office supplies, general merchandise) and hotels/resorts and healthcare facilities.

Process - Argent utilizes specialized and innovative techniques to evaluate, design, document and improve its clients?processes, methods and procedures.

Technology - Argent has developed significant expertise in using technology to improve the performance and productivity of its clients?human resources. The firm’s proprietary performance optimization software, APT, is in use at over 250 facilities in North America, Central America and Europe. In addition, the firm’s Applied Technology group provides clients with customized solutions that successfully meet their performance improvement needs.

Argent recognizes that many of these organizations do not have the need or resources for in-house engineers or other highly technical positions. In many cases, even if individuals are on staff, they may not have the time or experience required for a special project. The firm’s professionals, designers, specialists, analysts and industrial engineers provide Support Services to clients on a short-term, project or long-term basis.

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